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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Leofoto YELLOW MR.Y LY-224C 10 Layer Carbon Y Shaped Centre Tripod with LH-25 Ball Head - Max Load 6kg, Min 125mm to Max 1410mm

by Leofoto
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Leofoto YELLOW MR.Y LY-224C is a revolutionary tripod that combines cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality. This tripod features a unique Y-shaped centre column, a departure from the traditional O-shaped design. This innovative shape allows the tripod legs to fold closer together, significantly reducing its packed diameter while maintaining exceptional stability and performance.

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Weighing in at just 1kg with the included LH-25 ball head, this ultra-lightweight tripod is virtually unnoticeable when carried in your backpack, making it an ideal companion for photographers/ birdwatchers on the move. The sophisticated lever lock system ensures that the centre column can be completely locked or unlocked in just one second with a simple press or pull. Additionally, the specially designed spider is both compact and lightweight, enhancing the overall portability.

With four available angles, the LY-224C provides superior versatility compared to most tripods on the market, which typically offer only three-angle settings. The unique 42° angle is particularly beneficial for shooting in windy conditions, ensuring your shots remain stable and precise. Crafted from 10-layer carbon fibre, the leg tubes feature a cross-rhombus structure, delivering outstanding strength, stability, and reduced vibration.

The single-piece shim construction of the LY-224C is not only stronger and more reliable but also easier to maintain than the traditional two-piece designs. Complementing the tripod is the LH-25 ball head, designed with a low-height profile and an ergonomic large main locking knob for effortless handling. The precisely machined ball ensures silky smooth movement, enhancing the reliability and ease of use for every adventure.


Y-shaped centre column tripod: Different from the traditional O-shaped centre column, the Y-shaped centre column allows the tripod legs to be closer together when folded, reducing the packed diameter of the tripod without sacrificing its stability and functions. 
Tripod + ballhead = 1kg: It's so lightweight that you can't even feel it when carrying it in a backpack!
1-second loosening/tightening centre column lock: Lever lock system, only one press/one pull to lock/unlock completely. Specially designed spider, compact and light.
4 angles available: Most of the tripods in the market are with only angles including low, middle and high angles. The 42° setting is perfect for shooting in windy areas.
Carbon fibre: Carbon fibre leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability and less vibration.
Single-piece shim: Single-piece shim is stronger, more reliable and easier to maintain than 2-piece construction. 
Low height profile ballhead: Ergonomic large main locking knob gives easy handling. A low height profile gives better reliability. A precisely machined ball makes the movement silky smooth.


Max. Height: 1410mm
Min. Height: 125mm
Folded Length:480mm
Leg Section: 4
Max Load: 6kg
Weight: 1kg
Tubes: 22/19/16/13mm

Whats In the Box?

Leofoto YELLOW MR.Y LY-224C 10 Layer Carbon Y Shaped Centre Tripod with LH-25 Ball Head 
Tripod case
QC passed certificate 
Warranty card
Allen key X4
Multi-tool kit


10-Year Leofoto Warranty


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