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Leofoto VH-10 Monopod Head

by Leofoto
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Introducing the Leofoto VH-10 Monopod Head, a standout in its category. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ultra-light tripod head is purpose-built for monopods. Standing at 90mm high, its construction from aircraft-grade aluminum ensures optimal strength without compromising on weight. The sleek black anodized finish not only adds to its durability but also gives it a timeless appeal.

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What sets the VH-10 apart is its double tilt feature, offering you unparalleled freedom of movement akin to a ball head, yet with significantly reduced weight, courtesy of its innovative design. This innovation makes it an indispensable tool for photographers seeking agility and precision in their monopod setups.

Equipped with an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate, the VH-10 simplifies mounting your camera or lens while ensuring secure attachment. A built-in spirit level facilitates effortless leveling, while the 360° rotation capability of the 60mm wide camera plate enables seamless panoramic photography.

Precision control is at your fingertips with the VH-10's friction adjustment knob, reminiscent of a classic ball head. Locking the desired position is a breeze with the conveniently placed small knob, allowing for swift adjustments tailored to your shooting needs.

Despite its featherweight construction, the VH-10 boasts an impressive maximum load capacity of 10 kilograms, making it ideal for use with long telephoto lenses. Its versatility extends further with compatibility for other Arca-Swiss compatible tripod accessories, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Transportation becomes hassle-free with the VH-10's ability to tilt 90° to either side, allowing for compact storage alongside your gear, without the need for detachment. Whether you're navigating challenging terrain or capturing fast-paced action, the VH-10 Monopod Head delivers unmatched performance, every time.


Leofoto VH-10 Monopod Head
The Leofoto VH-10 monopod head is in a class of its own. This ultra-light tripod head is specially designed for use on monopods. This 90mm high tripod head is made from aircraft aluminium for maximum strength combined with low weight and is black anodised for high durability. The double tilt option gives you similar freedom of movement to a ball head, but the weight is much lower thanks to the lack of a heavy ball.

Leofoto VH-10 Monopod head with Arca-Swiss quick-release
The leofoto VH-10 monopod head has a built-in spirit level for easy leveling and an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate for quick mounting of your camera or lens. The 60mm wide camera plate of the VH-10 can rotate 360° for panoramic photography and the degree scale on the base makes precise adjustment easy. Locking is by a convenient little lever that can be clicked in and out. The VH-10's quick coupling can be exchanged for another type of quick coupling.

Friction control of a ballhead
The degree of friction of the Leofoto VH-10 monopod head is controlled by a large, very precisely adjustable knob, just like a classic ball head. Using the small knob on the other side, you can then lock the head in the desired position. The head can tilt 90° to either side and the degree scale on the head allows you to set the exact amount of tilt you want. If you flip the monopod head over completely, it is ideal for transport in combination with a long telephoto lens. There is no need to disconnect the monopod, just fold it parallel to the lens.

Extremely light and strong monopod head
Because Leofoto CNC-milled the VH-10 from black anodised aircraft aluminium, this two-way monopod head is extremely light yet extremely strong: it weighs just 356 grams, but has a maximum load capacity of 10 kilograms. It is ideal for use with long telephoto lenses. You can mount this head directly to a monopod with the 3/8-inch tripod screw, but Leofoto also has an Arca-Swiss quick release in the base, which allows you to combine the VH-10 monopod head with other Arca-Swiss compatible tripod accessories such as a leveling base.


Head Height: 90mm
Max Carry Weight: 10kg
Bubble Level: Yes
Ball Diameter: 0mm
Panning Base Diameter: 43mm
QR Plate Included: Yes
QR Plate Type: QP-70

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Leofoto VH-10 Monopod Head


10-Year Leofoto Warranty


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