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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Leofoto MR. O LO-224C 10 Layer Carbon Spider Ball Tripod with Centre Column Max Load - 5kg, Min 85mm to 1620mm

by Leofoto
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Leofoto MR. O LO-224C, is a pinnacle of innovation and performance in the realm of professional tripods. Engineered to redefine the boundaries of movement and stability, this spider tripod features a built-in hollow ball, liberating photographers from the constraints of traditional centre columns. With the ability to adjust angles as freely as a ballhead, it empowers users to unleash their creativity with unparalleled freedom.

Crafted from Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre, the MR. O LO-224C boasts a cross rhombus structure in its leg tubes, ensuring exceptional strength, stability, and minimal vibration. This construction makes it capable of supporting heavy cameras and long lenses, setting a new standard for outdoor tripods.

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The reversible centre column adds further versatility, catering to various needs with ease. Alongside the semi-automatic angle stop and the Tripod Leg Twist Lock Mechanism, adjustments are swift and precise, requiring just 1/4 turns for quick lock/release.

Additionally, the single-piece shim enhances durability and ease of maintenance, outperforming conventional two-piece constructions. The tripod's adaptability extends to its feet, with replaceable options suitable for different terrains—standard rubber feet for indoor surfaces and spiked feet for softer ground like mud, gravel, sand, or loose terrain.

Compact, lightweight, and exuding elegance from every angle, the Leofoto MR. O LO-224C is poised to become the new standard for outdoor tripods


Tripod with built-in ball: Mr. O's spider tripod has a built-in hollow ball, which completely abandons the limitation of movement up and down the straight centre column and it can adjust the angle as freely as the ballhead. Mr.O series is a professional and powerful tripod which can support long lens and heavy cameras. With it's low weight and versatile stability, Mr.O will become the new standard for outdoor tripods.
Centre column can be reversed: The centre column can be reversed for other requests.
Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre: Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability and less vibration. 
Semi-automatic angle stop
Tripod Leg Twist Lock Mechanism: Quick lock/release with just 1/4 turns
Single-piece shim: Single-piece shim is stronger, more reliable and easier to maintain than 2-piece construction.
Replaceable feet according to terrain: Standard rubber feet protect indoor surfaces. Spiked feet are useful for softer ground like mud, gravel, sand or loose terrain. 


Max. Height: 1620mm
Min. Height: 85mm
Folded Length: 425mm
Leg Section: 4
Max Load: 5kg
Weight: 0.81kg
Tubes: 22/19/16/13mm

Whats In the Box?

Leofoto MR. O LO-224C 10 Layer Carbon Spider Ball Tripod 
Short Centre Column
Tripod Case
QC Passed Certificate
Warranty Card
Allen Key X4


10-Year Leofoto Warranty


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