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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Leofoto Athena LA-324C 10 Layer Carbon Water, Sand Proof, Corrosion Resistant Titanium Feet RED Tripod with LH-40 RED Ball Head - Max Load 15kg, Min 165mm to 1395mm

by Leofoto
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Leofoto Athena LA-324C, is a revolutionary tripod designed to elevate your shooting experience. Its stunning classic red tubes set it apart from conventional black tripods, making a bold statement wherever you go.

Crafted from Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre, the leg tubes boast a cross rhombus structure, ensuring unparalleled strength, stability, and minimal vibration, even in challenging conditions. Combined with corrosion-resistant titanium alloy foot spikes, rubber feet screws, and tube plugs, this tripod is built to withstand the rigours of any environment, including seawater corrosion.

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Experience unparalleled convenience with its maintenance-free system, saving you valuable time while enhancing efficiency. Anti-twist technology with embedded silica gel mats ensures steady shots, even in water, providing peace of mind during your adventures.

The Athena series adopts a compact apex design with three fully folded legs and no centre column, maximising stability and portability. The hollow-out top plate further enhances its lightweight and flexibility, making it an ideal companion for travel and outdoor endeavours.

Safety is paramount, with three set screws on the top plate securing the included LH-40 RED Ball Head firmly in place. This ball head offers separate knob control for locking the ball base and adjusting tension, providing precise adjustments.

What's more, all Leofoto products use nichimoly lubricant, rated for temperatures as low as -30°C, ensuring optimal performance even in extreme cold conditions. 


Stunning and unique: Different from a traditional black tripod, the Athena series features stunning classic red tubes.
Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre: Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fibre leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability and less vibration.
Corrosion Resistant: Athena series tripods' foot spikes', rubber feet screws and tube plugs are all made of titanium alloy for seawater corrosion resistance.
Maintenance-free system: Saves a lot of cleaning time and improves efficiency.
Anti-twist technology: Three embedded silica gel mats avoid twisting in water.
Tight and compact: Completely different from those tripods which have 3 legs and 1 centre column, this tripod features no centre column and 3 fully folded legs, which makes the tripod more stable and compact.
Hollow-out top plate: Hollow-out top plate design makes the tripod lighter and more flexible.
Safety and anti-rotation design: Included 3 set screws on the top plate to secure the ballhead mounted on the tripod.
Dual Drop-Notches and Low Profile ballhead: The LH series offers up to 45 degrees of tilt in all directions, and up to 90 degrees in the two drop-notches. 
Separate knob control: The ball head has 3 separate knobs for locking the ball base and adjusting the tension of the ball.
-30°C / 60°C: All Leofoto products use Nichimoly lubricant, which is rated for temperatures as low as -30°C and tested rigorously in their facilities to ensure products function well in such low temperatures. 


Max. Height: 1395mm
Folded Length: 580mm
Leg Section: 4
Min. Height: 165mm
Max Load: 15kg
Weight: 1.95kg

Whats In the Box?

Leofoto Athena LA-324C 10 Layer Carbon Water, Sand Proof, Corrosion Resistant Titanium Feet RED Tripod with LH-40 RED Ball Head
Tripod bag
Accessories bag
QC passed certificate
Warranty card
Titanium foot spikes X3
Allen key X3
Multi-tool kit
Weight hook


10-Year Leofoto Warranty


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