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Vanguard Alta Pro 3VRL 303CV 18 - Carbon Tripod With Removable Levelling Base And Video Head - 15kg Load Capacity

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The Alta Pro 3VRL 303CV 18 is an ultra-tall CNC machined carbon fibre tripod with a removable levelling base, fitted with a VEO PV-18 Arca compatible video head and includes a separate flat platform.

 A perfect combination that delivers incredible stability for videographers, photographers, heavy long lenses or spotting scopes.

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The 3-section, 30mm diameter legs are designed to maximise stability and height, reaching up to 1.8m without needing to extend a central column. 

The solid legs also incorporate silent twist leg locks with Vanguard's technical design that can hold up to 25kg fully extended. They are also designed to be easy to clean, allowing you to maximise the life of your tripod. 

Replacing a traditional central column is a solid 75mm aluminium levelling bowl that has ±15° vertical movement and a 360° pan that allows you to get on target and adjust the framing of your shot with ease. This levelling bowl includes a 3/8" thread that allows you to fit any suitable tripod head, with grub screws to ensure the head is on tight.

Underneath the levelling base is a handle with a textured rubber grip. This can be used to help control the level making it easier to line up the perfect composition and then lock it in position when you're happy, while offering a point to hold comfortably to maximise stability.

The levelling platform can also be removed in seconds to maximise versatility, and the Alta Pro 3VRL also includes a lightweight flat platform with a reversible 3/8" or 1/4" thread for when a simpler non levelling option is required. If you have a range of styles, additional levelling platforms and flat platforms are available to purchase, allowing you to switch between your chosen kit in seconds, without needing to remove and reattach the head.

For low angle or macro shots the tripod is equipped with three easy-set leg angles, (23°, 50° and 80°), allowing the tripod to go down to just 285mm.

On the side of the tripod canopy is a a 3/8" thread hole with a 1/4" adaptor that is designed to fit any magic arm, allowing you to attach accessories to maximise your shoot. This also includes Vanguard's non-slip bayonet slot fittings, so it guarantees that when used with a VEO TSA DLX your magic arm won't come loose in the middle of your shot.

There is also a thread built into the side of the clamp on the VEO PV-18 video head to allow you to attach a second accessory that can be set up to follow your aim, such as a such as a directional microphone.

At the base, there are retractable rubber feet that can be set as either rubber or stainless steel spiked feet in seconds.

On top of the tripod, the VEO PV-18 Arca compatible video head offers a smooth fluid movement with two long telescopic handles for maximum control, with a maximum load capacity of 15kg.

On the base of the video head is a pan-lock knob, and between the telescopic handle is an oversized tilt locking knob that allows you to set the vertical angles between -45° and +90°. Combined with the two oversized spirit levels, this allows you to set your level with ease.

To help control the vertical movement with your video camera on top there is a damping control on the side of the head that allows you slow the movement, making it easier to position your video camera in the optimum position. On the opposite side is a scale to help you to repeat a position over a period of time.

The clamp on top of the video head is Arca compatible, allowing you to fit in almost any brand of Arca compatible plate, or if your spotting scope has an Arca compatible foot like the Vanguard spotting scopes then you can slot that straight into the clamp for maximum stability.

As standard, it it supplied with the extra large Arca compatible QS-61P quick shoe which offers a secure base to a larger device such as a video camera, and includes a non-twist spring pin to ensure that the video camera is always facing forwards.

To hold the quick shoe securely to the video head, there is the traditional locking knob to close the clamp, with a spring operated safety pin built into the base to ensure that your valuable kit doesn't slip off if the clamp is not securely tightened*. This can be released using the push button on the side of the clamp.

Both the tripod and the head are manufactured with Vanguard's CNC technology, using aircraft grade aluminium for load bearing parts alongside Vanguard's anodising process to ensure outstanding quality.

Designed with height and stability front of mind, this tripod weighs 3260g with the removable levelling base (2960g if you use the flat platform and VEO PV-18) and folds down to 865mm, but comes with a luxury padded shoulder bag to keep it safe at home or on the go, and make it easy to carry.


VEO PV-18 Arca compatible video head with 15kg load capacity
3-section 30mm diameter legs that extends to 1.8 metres with a 25kg load capacity
Removable levelling base that can rotate 360° or moved ±15° vertically
Includes a lightweight flat platform that can be used in place of the levelling base
Noise-free and easy clean twist lock leg adjustments
Three easy-set leg angles (23°, 50° and 80°) allowing low angle or macro shots
Threads with bayonet fittings for attaching VEO TSA DLX (or any other magic arm)
Retractable rubber or spiked feet and luxury padded tripod bag


Tripod Style: Full-sized video and photography tripod
Central Column: No
Levelling Base: Yes, removable
Levelling Base Movement: Pan: 360° | Vertical ±15°
Material: Carbon Fiber
With removable level and head: 3260g
With flat platform and head: 2960g
Folded Length: 865mm
Maximum Height (Central Column Extended): No central column
Maximum Height (Central Column Down): 1805mm
Minimum Height: 285mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 15kg (Legs: 25kg | Head: 15kg)
Leg Diameter: 30mm
Leg Sections: 3
Leg Lock: Easy clean twist lock
Leg Angles: 3 (23°, 50°, and 80°)
Feet Type: Retractable rubber feet and spiked feet
Hook for Hanging Extra Weight: Yes
Monopod Leg: No
Head Attachment Thread: 3/8" thread
Tripod Head: VEO PV-18
Head Style: Video Head
Arca Swiss Compatible: Yes
Quick Shoe: Extra Large QS-61P
Separate Pan Lock: Yes
Friction Control: No (includes damping mechanism for vertical movement)
Bubble Level on Head: 2 extra-large
Tripod Bag: Yes, luxury padded
Accessories: Quick release plate, 3mm hex key, 4mm hex key, tripod bag
Suitable For:
Mirrorless (pro models)
Long Lens
Video Camera
Spotting Scope
Series: Alta Pro 3VRL
Color: Carbon Fiber
Other: Includes lightweight flat platform

Whats In the Box?

Vanguard Alta Pro 3VRL 303CV 18 - Carbon Tripod With Removable Levelling Base And Video Head - 15kg Load Capacity


2-Year warranty


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