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Swarovski Optik SLC 8x56 WB Wide Angle Binoculars

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Elevate your visual encounters with the Swarovski Optik SLC Binoculars – where cutting-edge optical innovation, ergonomic artistry and unwavering endurance unit to revolutionize your perspective and appreciation for the world. These binoculars are a symphony of precision and design, offering a transformative way to experience the world's beauty in intricate detail.

A fusion of optical innovation, ergonomic brilliance, and unwavering resilience, they redefine how you perceive and engage with the world.

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Central to the allure of Swarovski Optik’s SCL 8X56 Binoculars is their optical performance. As with any of Swarovski Optik’s product range, the SCL 8X56 Binoculars showcase an arrangement of cutting-edge technology yielded from meticulous craftsmanship. Whether you're indulging in birdwatching or traversing landscapes, through advanced HD lenses, Swarovision coatings and field flattener technology, the Swarovski Optik SLC binoculars deliver a visual experience that leaves no detail obscured.

Thoughtfully crafted for extended comfort, the Swarovski Optik SLC Binoculars epitomize ergonomic sophistication. Crafted with ergonomic excellence, the Swarovski Optik SLC Binoculars ensure comfort that lasts. Their streamlined open-bridge design provides a secure grip and effortless manoeuvrability, making them an indispensable companion for your outdoor explorations while navigating diverse terrains. Bid farewell to discomfort during long expeditions, as these binoculars seamlessly complement your adventures.
Outdoor adventures can often expose equipment to demanding conditions – like any Swarovski Optik product – the SLC Binoculars are engineered to withstand these challenges. Encased within a magnesium housing, the SLC series stand strong against the elements, merging rugged aesthetics with refined durability. Nitrogen-filled chambers prevent fogging, ensuring consistent pristine visuals and all-weather adaptability. The partnership of durability and elegance guarantees that these binoculars remain your trusted companions throughout your exploration journey.

Precision meets simplicity with the Swarovski SLC Binoculars' intuitive fast-focusing mechanism. Whether you're capturing the nuances of distant wildlife or intricate architectural features, the precision-engineered focusing wheel is adjusted with a single swift motion – capturing fleeting moments or unravelling intricate details.

The Swarovski Optik SLC Binoculars are designed for portability, effortlessly slotting into your gear ensemble. Lightweight and compact, they grant you the freedom to venture further without being encumbered. From dynamic action or delicate scenes, these binoculars empower your vision – ensuring each detail is captured in absolute clarity – allowing users to experience convenience without compromise.

Equipped with unmatched lenses and prisms, the SLC Binoculars deliver images characterized through their striking clarity, vivid colours and impressive contrasts.
Whether you're a globetrotter, an enthusiastic observer of nature's wonders, or an adventurer seeking the extraordinary, the Swarovski Optik SLC Binoculars are your gateway to immerse yourself in the vividness of high-definition lenses that bring every corner of the world into focus, rendering the world in astonishing detail.


Large field of view
Rubber-armoured housing
Ergonomic sculpted shape
Central balance point
Robust magnesium body
Incredible colour fidelity with high light transmission
Weather resistant field pouch
Universal comfort strap
One of Swarovski's best in terms of light transmission


Magnification: 8x
Effective objective lens diameter (mm): 56 mm
Exit pupil diameter (mm): 7.0 mm
Exit pupil distance: 23 mm
Field of view (m/1,000 m): 133m
Field of view (degrees): 7.6°
Field of view, apparent (degrees): 60°
Shortest focusing distance: 3.9 m/12.8 ft
Diopter adjustment left/right: ± 4 dpt
Diopter correction at ∞: > 5 dpt
Interpupillary distance: 56.76 mm
Light transmission: 93%
Twilight Factor: 21.2
Optical Elements: 24
Functional Temperature - -25°/+55° C
Approx. length*: 194 mm
Approx. width**: 141 mm
Approx. height**: 73 mm
Approx. weight: 1225 g

Whats In the Box?

The following items are included with the purchase of any SLC Binoculars:
SLC Universal Carrying Strap - The SLC carrying strap is engineered with ergonomic considerations, incorporating advanced materials for weight distribution and comfort during extended usage utilize high-density foams or innovative cushioning technologies. The strap's attachment points to the binoculars are designed to provide a secure and vibration-damping connection, minimizing any jostling that could impact optical alignment.
SLC Field Bag - The SLC field bag showcases a rugged yet lightweight construction, employing high-denier nylon and reinforced stitching for durability. It boasts dedicated compartments with padded systems that conform to the binocular's dimensions, while safeguarding against shocks and vibrations.
Eyepiece Cover - The eyepiece cover is precision-moulded from resilient polymers, tailored to the specific eyepiece dimensions of the SLC binoculars - a snug fit that shields the eyepieces from potential abrasions, moisture, and environmental contaminants.
Lens Care Set - The lens care set comprises Swarovski’s specialized microfiber cloth engineered to be lint-free and gentle on the binoculars promotes clean functioning of this precision equipment - optimized to remove dirt, debris or oils without compromising the optic itself.


This product from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a high-quality instrument – qualifying for their general warranty, from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years (5-year manufacturer’s warranty + 5 years goodwill).


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