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Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 Spotting Scope Bundle

SKU 73898-EAN-HM-M15x2
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Includes Free Hikmicro M15 4G Wildlife/Trail Camera TwinPack worth £328.00

The Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 is a highly regarded spotting scope that stands as a testament to Swarovski Optik's commitment to precision engineering and optical excellence. This versatile instrument is a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts, birdwatchers and nature observers due to its exceptional performance and rugged design. With a host of premium features, it provides an unparalleled viewing experience in the field, offering users the ability to transition from 20x to 60x magnification to capture even the finest details of distant subjects. Its compact yet robust construction, combined with Swarovski Optik's proprietary lens coatings and innovative design, make the ideal combination of attributes for those who demand the best in optics for their outdoor adventures.

More Information

The Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 embodies the pinnacle of optical engineering, catering to those who demand nothing less than exceptional performance. With its variable magnification, impeccable construction, and renowned optical quality, it has earned its place as a favoured tool among those who seek to explore the world around them with unparalleled clarity and detail. Whether observing birds, wildlife, or landscapes, the ATS 20-60x65 offers an experience that is as immersive as it is awe-inspiring.

At the heart of the Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 spotting scope is its impressive optical system. The scope boasts a 65mm objective lens diameter, striking a harmonious balance between portability and light-gathering capability. This size ensures that the scope remains relatively lightweight and easy to carry while providing excellent performance in various lighting conditions.

One of the standout attributes of this spotting scope is its variable eyepiece, offering an expansive magnification range from 20x for wide-field scanning to a powerful 60x for detailed observation. This versatility makes it equally suitable for tracking wildlife across vast landscapes or scrutinizing fine feather patterns on distant birds. The eyepiece's zooming mechanism operates smoothly, allowing for seamless adjustments to capture fleeting moments in nature.

Designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, the Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 features a rugged, rubber-armoured exterior that serves to protect against impacts but also ensures a secure grip, even in wet or cold weather. For added convenience and versatility, the ATS series is compatible with Swarovski Optik's interchangeable eyepiece system. This allows users to customize their viewing experience by selecting from a range of eyepiece options, including wide-angle eyepieces for panoramic views or other zoom eyepieces with varying magnifications.

In conclusion, the Swarovski Optik ATS 20-60x65 is one of Swarovski Optik’s most premium optics - exemplifying the brand's dedication to optical excellence and durability. Its compact design, impressive zoom range, exceptional image quality, and rugged construction make it a go-to choice for nature enthusiasts and outdoor professionals who demand nothing but the best in their optical equipment. Whether you're capturing the majesty of distant landscapes or the intricate details of wildlife, this spotting scope delivers an unforgettable viewing experience that brings the natural world closer than ever before.


Eye relief plus
Rubber-armoured housing
Modular system
Ergonomic sculpted shape
HD optics with maximum contrast
Incredible colour fidelity with high light transition
High magnification range
Durable build
SWAROTOP and SWARODUR Optical coatings
Wide angle of view
Click-stop twist-in eyecup
Removable sighting aid
Oversized focus wheel
Integrated tripod collar for convenient mounting
Digiscoping compatible


Magnification: 20-60
Effective objective lens diameter (mm): 65 mm
Exit pupil diameter (mm): 3.3-1.1 mm
Exit pupil distance: 17 mm
Field of view (m/1,000 m): 36-20 m
Field of view (degrees): 2.1-1.1°
Field of view, apparent (degrees): 40-65°
Shortest focusing distance: 3 m / 10 ft
Diopter correction at ∞: > 5 dpt
Light transmission: 86%
Objective filter thread: M 67x0.75
Optical Coatings: SWARODUR, SWAROTOP
Functional Temperature - -25°/+55° C
Approx. length: 411 mm
Approx. weight: 1330 g
Tripod thread: 1/4˝ UNC; 3/8˝ UNC

Whats In the Box?

The following items are included with the purchase of any ATS 20-60x65 Spotting Scope Bundle:

Bayonet Mount Cover - The Bayonet Mount cover is precision-moulded from resilient polymers, tailored to the specific eyepiece dimensions of the Swarovski ATS

Objective Module Lens Cap - a snug fit that shields the eyepieces from potential abrasions, moisture, and environmental contaminants.


This product from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a high-quality instrument – qualifying for their general warranty, from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years (5-year manufacturer’s warranty + 5 years goodwill).


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