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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Leofoto VH-30R Monopod head

by Leofoto
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The Leofoto VH-30R Two-Way Head is a meticulously designed tripod head tailored for birdwatchers and photographers. Its double panorama plate enables effortless tracking of birds in flight, while the gray knobs allow precise friction control and rotation fixation. With a 180-degree tilt range and 360-degree rotation capability, this head offers creative angles and seamless panoramas. Despite its compact 105mm height and lightweight 447g build, it can handle up to 15kg of weight—perfect for large telephoto lenses. Arca-Swiss compatibility, a quick release plate, and an ergonomic lever complete this versatile package, ensuring smooth operation in the field.

More Information

Double Panorama Plate: The VH-30R features a unique double panorama plate. This design allows you to swiftly pan and follow birds in the field. Whether you’re observing their flight or capturing their beauty through your lens, this feature ensures smooth movement.

Friction Control: Adjust the friction of the plate using the gray knob. Fine-tune it to your preference, whether you need precise control or smoother motion.

Rotation Lock: The other gray knob allows you to lock the head’s rotation. Once set, your camera or spotting scope stays securely in place, preventing accidental movement.
Tilt and Rotation Range: The VH-30R head is tiltable up to 180 degrees. This flexibility enables you to frame your shot from various angles. Additionally, both panorama plates can rotate a full 360 degrees, providing seamless panoramic views.

Base Plate Details: The base plate has a diameter of 60mm, ensuring stability. It includes a 3/8-inch screw hole for easy mounting on compatible tripods.

Compact and Lightweight: Standing at 105mm tall and weighing just 447g, the VH-30R strikes a balance between portability and functionality. It won’t weigh you down during extended birdwatching sessions.

Impressive Load Capacity: The VH-30R can handle up to 15kg of weight. This robust load capacity makes it suitable for camera bodies equipped with large telephoto lenses. Capture those distant bird shots without worry!

Arca-Swiss Compatibility: The head is compatible with Arca-Swiss-style quick release plates. Attach and detach your gear effortlessly for efficient setup and breakdown.

Included Lever: The VH-30R comes with a lever that can be mounted on either side of the head. This ergonomic lever allows you to operate the head smoothly, even while tracking fast-moving birds.


Weight: 447g
height: 105mm
Base diameter: 60mm
Max load: 15kg

Whats In the Box?

Leofoto VH-30R Monopod head
Included Lever


10-Year Leofoto Warranty


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