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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Swarovski Optik ATX / STX / BTX Objective Module

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The ATX, STX and BTX objective modules offer you unparalleled modularity and unimagined application possibilities. Four objective sizes are available for intensive nature observations: 65 mm, 85 mm, 95 mm or 115 mm.
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With its sleek form factor, Swarovski Optik's objective modules are designed to integrate with their modular spotting scope system – allowing for quick and secure attachment the Objective Module represents a paramount leap in optical performance and user-oriented design.

Each module is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional light transmission, rendering breathtakingly sharp and vivid images even in challenging lighting conditions. Crafted with utmost precision, the Swarovski Optik Objective Modules boasts a sophisticated apochromatic lens system that virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations, ensuring true-to-life colour reproduction and unparalleled image fidelity. This innovative lens technology also maintains edge-to-edge sharpness, allowing you to capture every detail of your subjects with remarkable clarity.

The Objective Module's robust construction utilizes premium materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability in the most demanding outdoor environments. Its weather-resistant design safeguards against moisture and dust, enabling you to confidently explore the natural world irrespective of weather conditions.

Experience the convenience of the Swarovski Optik modular system as the Objective Module effortlessly pairs with compatible eyepieces to create a versatile spotting scope tailored to your specific needs. With four objective sizes to choose from (65mm, 85mm, 95mm and 115mm), whether you're a passionate birder, a wildlife enthusiast, or an avid outdoor adventurer, this module promises to enhances your observation experience by bringing you closer to the beauty of nature.

Standing as a testament to Swarovski Optik's commitment to precision and innovation, the Objective Module's exceptional clarity and brightness derives from Swarovski Optik's decades-long expertise in lens coatings and glass formulation - boasting premium HD (high-definition) optics that deliver unparalleled image resolution, colour fidelity, and contrast, even in challenging lighting conditions. It transforms ordinary observations into extraordinary discoveries, making every encounter with the natural world a true celebration of clarity and precision.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled world of optical sophistication with the Swarovski Optik Objective Module. Let your vision reach new heights as you explore the intricacies of nature, wildlife, and beyond, guided by the unrivalled quality and innovation that Swarovski Optik embodies.


Compact lightweight design
Central balance point
Rubber-armoured housing
Incredible colour fidelity with high light transmission
Objective lens cap
Durable build
Interchangeable eyepiece compatibility


Effective objective lens diameter (mm): 65mm / 85mm / 95mm / 115mm
Diopter correction at ∞: > 5 dpt
Functional Temperature: -25°/+55° C
Approx. length: 207mm / 240mm / 294mm / 307mm
Approx. weight: 775g / 1100g / 1340g / 2100g
Objective filter thread: M67 x 0.75 / M87 x 0.75 / M97 x 0.75 / M118 x 0.75

Whats In the Box?

The following items are included with the purchase of any ATX / STX / BTX Objective Module:

Rear Lens Cap – Each module is provided with a rear lens cap. Its sung fit shields the modules rear lens from potential abrasions, moisture, and environmental contaminants.

Objective lens Cover - The eyepiece cover is tailored to the specific eyepiece dimensions of the ATX / STX / BTX

Objective Module - a snug fit that shields the eyepiece from potential abrasions, moisture, and environmental contaminants.

Lens Care Set - The lens care set comprises Swarovski’s specialized microfiber cloth engineered to be lint-free and gentle on the spotting scope promotes clean functioning of this precision equipment - optimized to remove dirt, debris or oils without compromising the optic itself.


This product from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a high-quality instrument – qualifying for their general warranty, from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years (5-year manufacturer’s warranty + 5 years goodwill).


Objective Size: 65 mm
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