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Swarovski  EL Range TA 10x42
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Swarovski Binoculars Swarovski
Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42 Swarovski
EL Range TA 10x42
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EL Range 8x42 TA binoculars are ideal for numerous viewing and distance measurements

Look, measure.

Accuracy can also mean versatility. The new EL Range 8x42 binoculars are ideal for numerous viewing opportunities right up to twilight. Their expansive field of view and large exit pupil ensure optimum comfort during observation. Thanks to the new FieldPro package, the EL Range 8x42 will also impress with their enhanced strap connector, integrated objective lens and eyepiece covers, as well as the new, distinctive measurement button for even more precise operation.

The Peak of Perfection

The new EL Range offers the best combination of long-range optics and ergonomic design. The master craftsmanship underlying these binoculars is proven by razor-sharp images combined with precise range and angle measurement, as well as their perfectly balanced weight, allowing you to hold them steady. Other benefits of the new EL Range are the FieldPro package, which includes a new strap connector making it extremely simple to switch quickly and flexibly between strap and accessories and the new, distinctive measurement button.

Added to the optical performance is a precise IR laser rangefinder that can measure distances up to 1500 yds with an accuracy of 1yd in less than a second. For stationary targets, use the single-measurement mode or track moving targets with the scan mode for continuously updated distances. The in-view LCD display shows distances in yards or meters, depending on your preference. A built-in inclinometer and SWARO-AIM ballistic algorithm works in conjunction to the rangefinder to measure the relative angle from the user to the target and display an adjusted distance for shooters to accurately compensate for the trajectory angle. A single button activates the rangefinder, and provides access to all the features, functions, and settings.


The EL Range redefines hunting equipment. This device combines the ability of razor-sharp first class optics with precise measuring functionality. High transmission, low weight and widest field of view in its class, literally setting new standards for optics and measuring precision.


A steady hand is needed to measure distant targets precisely. The legendary EL wrap-around grip, the low and perfectly balanced weight and unique shape ensure the EL Range's good handling characteristics and the display of the exact distance to the desired target.


Optimally placed measurement button, for immediate rangefinding readings.
Small cross hair allows precise measuring at long ranges.
Measuring range 30-1,370 m / 33-1,500 yds.
Range-finding accuracy 1 metre / 1yard above the entire measuring range.
Display intensity level can be fixed, or set for automatic adjustment according to ambient light levels
Easy and intuitive menu navigation.


EL wrap-around grip for stable focusing on very small targets at long ranges.
Streamlined shape provides perfect stability allowing one-handed operation.


Topographical conditions dictate the many challenges encountered during every day hunting. To take a precise shot up or down hill requires know-how & ballistic experience. Or a precision instrument. The EL Range with SWAROAIM, equipped with a radically new angle-shot programme developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, enables you to accurately ascertain the correct distance for a precise shot, even in the most difficult terrain.


Calculates the corrected trajectory of angled shots, based on a programme developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, taking into consideration the measured distance and angle to the target.

- Scanning function available for angle measurement.
- Optional indication for displaying the distance with the angle or with the corrected range.
- Simply switch the SWAROAIM readout On or Off as required.
-Irrespective of calibre.

Technical specification:

Magnification 10x
Objective lens (mm) 42
Exit pupil (mm) 4.2
Exit pupil distance (mm) 17.3
Field of view at m/1000 m / ft/1000 yds 110 / 330
Field of view (degrees) 6.3
Field of view with eye glasses (degrees) 6.3 = 100 %
Subjective field of view, apparent (degrees) 61
Shortest focusing distance (m/ft) 5 / 16.4
Dioptric compensation (dpt) 5
Interpupillary distance (mm/in) 56-74 / 2.2.-2.9
Twilight factor acc. to DIN 58388 20.5
Length approx. (mm/in) [with eyecups twisted in] 160 / 6.5
Width approx. (mm/in) 117 / 4.6
Height approx. (mm/in) 81 / 3.2
Weight approx. (g/oz) 895 / 31.6
Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42
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19 January 2022