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Swarovski  STX Straight Eyepiece Module
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Swarovski Telescopes Swarovski
Swarovski STX Straight Eyepiece Module Swarovski
STX Straight Eyepiece Module

Please note that you also require the Objective Module of your choice to use this product

The reinvention of the telescope: the ATX / STX from Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik presents its new generation of telescopes: The ATX/STX telescopes have a modular, ergonomic design and allow you to see the world through completely new eyes. Two eyepiece modules and three objective modules featuring SWAROVISION technology combine to provide a total of six different telescopes to suit every viewing opportunity.

Furthermore, the ATX/STX telescopes could not be easier to use. For the first time, the zoom and focusing rings are right next to each other, thereby ensuring that you can use the telescope intuitively and quickly, with just one hand. The new telescope family, which will be available from specialist dealers from September 2012, is supplemented by specially developed digiscoping solutions and numerous accessories.

It goes without saying that the ATX/STX telescopes are based on SWAROVISION technology from Swarovski Optik and have an optical quality that has never before been achieved by a spotting scope. The field flattener lenses used produce an almost flat image. This means that even the finest textures are reproduced with razor-sharp clarity right up to the edge, with no need for constant refocusing, and details can be captured at lightning speed.

An innovative and unique optical design including HD lenses provides a significant improvement in resolution, rich contrast and saturation and exceptional colour fidelity.

The ATX/STX telescopes stand out for their high zoom range (25-60x65; 25-60x85 or 30-70x95), while also offering a very wide field of view (up to 41 m/1000 m). Optimum magnification and recognition down to the smallest detail provide you with a more exciting platform for enjoying your viewing experience and greatly simplify the task of looking for and finding moving objects in particular.

A long eye relief (20mm) allows those wearing spectacles and sunglasses to fully enjoy these benefits, making viewing even more comfortable, and they too can experience the exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness and large field of view. Optimised SWARODUR and SWAROTOP coatings enhance colour reproduction and transmission even in twilight, and SWAROCLEAN coatings provide a non-stick effect on external lens surfaces, helping to keep lenses clean.

Another new feature of the ATX/STX telescopes is the positioning of the focusing and zoom rings. For the first time, they are arranged next to each other so that they can be used quickly and with just one hand. ATX/STX telescopes are ready for crucial moments, especially when following moving objects and digiscoping. It is so much quicker for you to find, zoom in and focus on objects and you have your other hand free to use the tripod handle or camera.

The large, smooth-operating focusing ring allows you to focus both quickly and accurately, and it differs from the zoom ring not only in terms of its turning tension but also its structure. An integrated, extendable sunshield, along with the aiming aid and protective caps make it completely comfortable and reliable to use in any situation.

There is yet another new feature: For the first time, telescope and digiscoping solutions have been developed in a collaborative process to ensure that the whole system can be used in a quick, simple and user-friendly manner. As a result, the modularity of the ATX/STX telescopes also covers digiscoping. The involvement of users in the development and countless field tests ensure comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness. This innovative development process has resulted in two different adapters.

The TLS APO apochromatic telephoto lens system is the first camera lens adapter specifically designed for high-quality digiscoping, with a focus on image quality (30-mm camera lens for APS-C or smaller sensors) and the ability to quickly change between observation and photography.

The DCB II swing adapter is ideal for both compact and system cameras with a pancake objective. It is particularly simple and easy to use and can even be folded up for transport.

The newly designed TR II telescope rail, with two support points providing high stability and a quick release system for rapid adjustment, rounds off the equipment available and optimises image quality.
The highest development and production standards, the lowest possible production tolerance, the maximum level of user-friendliness and the clear commitment to the production site in Tyrol provide a solid foundation for the revolutionary, modular ATX/STX telescope family from Swarovski Optik.

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Magnification: 25-60x
Exit Pupil Distance (eye relief): 20mm
Field of View: m @ 1000m: 41-23m
Close Focus: 3.6m
Dioptre Correction: >5
Light transmission: 86%
Focal length with TLS APO Adapter: 750-1800
Functional temperature: -25 deg C to + 55 deg C.
Submersion tightness: 4m or 13 feet.
Nitrogen filled: YES.

(STX Straight versions available from January 2013.)
Swarovski STX Straight Eyepiece Module
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