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FREE Shipping automatically applied on all orders over £100

Preowned Used Swarovski Optik EL 8.5x42 SwaroVision Binoculars - SWO2H2-007

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Condition: 9/10

This product comes in its original box along with a neck strap. carry case, front and rear lens covers.


Serial no. K820342405

The EL 42 binoculars achieve an unprecedented level of image focus, surpassing any previous models. Field flattener lenses create a virtually flat image, ensuring razor-sharp clarity and detail even at the edges of the image. This eliminates distortions, providing an exceptional viewing experience where every intricate detail is easily discernible.

More Information

Thanks to the inclusion of fluoride-containing HD lenses, colour fringing is minimized, resulting in high-contrast images with crisp outlines. Compared to traditional glass, these lenses deliver remarkable improvements in resolution and contrast.

Witness nature's beauty in a whole new light with the EL 42, experiencing vibrant colours and intricate shapes with unparalleled clarity.

Setting itself apart from other binoculars, the EL 42 features a larger exit pupil distance, allowing spectacle wearers to fully enjoy the wide-angle field of view and exceptional edge sharpness. The twist-in eyecups offer three adjustable stages, catering to various viewing preferences.

The advanced coatings on the lenses and prisms, including SWARODUR, SWAROTOP, and SWAROBRIGHT, ensure lifelike colour reproduction and exceptional image brightness, even in low light conditions. Additionally, the SWAROCLEAN coating on the lens's outer surface provides a non-stick effect, making cleaning effortless and maintaining optimal performance in various environments.


Field flattener lenses - contrast right up to the image periphery
High-Definition - for maximum contrast
Greater eye relief - 100% fild of view for spectacle wearers
Optimised coating - for maximum colour fidelity



Magnification: 8.5x
Front Lens Diameter (mm): 42
Exit Pupil (mm): 4.9
Eye Relief (mm): 20.0
Interpupillary Distance (mm): 56-74

Type of Build

Glass Material: Fluoride Glass
Lens Coating: Fully, multiple (Swarobright)
Focusing System: Central focusing
Eyepiece Cups: Rotatable
Diopter Compensation: +/- 5
Threaded Tripod Connector: No


Roof: Yes
Splash-Proof: Yes
Watertight: Yes
Protection Bag: Yes
Eyepieces for Spectacle Wearers: Yes

Special Features

Zoom Function: No
Image Stabilizer: No
Compass: No
Rangefinder: No
Light and Field of View

Light Intensity: 24.0
Twilight Factor: 18.9
True Field of View (°): 7.6
Apparent Field of View (°): 60.0
Field of View at 1,000 m (m): 133
Close Focus Limit (m): 1.5


Surface Material: Rubber Armouring
Length (mm): 160
Width (mm): 122
Height (mm): 61
Weight (g): 795
Series: EL Swarovision
Color: Green

Whats In the Box?

Preowned Swarovski Optik EL 8.5x42 SV Binoculars - SWO2H2-007

This product comes in its original box along with a neck strap. carry case, front and rear lens covers.



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