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ELLTECH Stathera Mini Tripod with V-Mount & Arca Plate

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ELLTECH's Stathera mini tripod is an ideal companion for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers seeking a lightweight and robust solution at an affordable price. Designed with versatility in mind, this tripod offers stability and adjustability for capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Its centre column allows easy height adjustments, accommodating various viewing angles. The 1/4" screw thread ensures compatibility with a range of devices, making it suitable for cameras and other accessories.

The removable V Yoke head, which rotates 360 degrees, provides enhanced stability and convenience, making it perfect for observing wildlife and capturing stunning moments in nature. Crafted from durable aluminium, this tripod is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions while remaining lightweight and portable.

Additionally, for photography enthusiasts, the included Arca plate securely attaches to the Stathera mini tripod, offering a reliable platform for your camera. Elevate your nature-watching experience with this versatile and budget-friendly tripod designed to enhance stability and convenience in the great outdoors.

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More Information

Versatile Photography Solution: Experience ultimate precision with this versatile tripod, designed for prone photography from the ground or table. Its fully adjustable height, controlled by the centre column, ensures accuracy with every shot. Equipped with a 1/4" screw thread, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including pan-tilt heads and cameras.

Removable V Yoke Head: Featuring a universal V Yoke head that rotates 360 degrees, this tripod is compatible with most photography or observation accessories. The V Yoke head can be easily detached and provides horizontal rotation, delivering superior stability and convenience compared to portable tripods requiring a rotating adapter. Its non-slip surface ensures a secure grip on the equipment.

Compact & Portable: This tripod is highly portable, with a lightweight yet sturdy construction guaranteeing readiness for any situation, making it an ideal accessory for dedicated photographers pursuing the perfect shot in nature.

Durable & Lightweight: Built to withstand rigorous conditions, this tripod boasts a rugged, heavy-duty aluminium construction for exceptional durability. Despite its robustness, it remains lightweight, facilitating easy transportation and storage. The tripod's three legs are equipped with non-marring rubber traction feet, ensuring maximum stability on any terrain.

Dimension & Weight: Weighing a mere 11oz, this tripod is designed with portability in mind, allowing for effortless transportation. The overall height can be continuously adjusted from 9 inches to 11 inches using the centre column, providing versatility for various photography positions. Additionally, it is possible to attach a monopod to this tripod for increased height after removing the V Yoke.

Arca Plate included: Also included is an Arca plate, allowing you to securely mount your camera to these mini tripods, ensuring stability for that perfect shot during your photography and nature observation sessions.


Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy, Abs Plastic
Maximum Height 11 Inches
Minimum Height: 9 inches
Weight: 11oz

Whats In the Box?

ELLTECH Stathera Mini Tripod
Removeable V Mount
Arca plate


ELLTECH VIP Lifetime warranty


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