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Swarovski Optik ATX Eyepiece Module Stay-on Case

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Swarovski Optik Spotting Scope Stay-on Case is tailored to fit specific Swarovski Optik spotting scope models flawlessly. The case envelopes the scope snugly, safeguarding it from dust, moisture, and minor impacts that could potentially affect its performance. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, the case ensures that your valuable spotting scope remains in pristine condition, ready for optimal performance whenever you need it.

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Designed to accommodate Swarovski Optik spotting scopes, this Stay-on Case is a sophisticated accessory that seamlessly marries form with function. It is tailored to fit snugly over the spotting scope, providing full coverage for the body and lens. This coverage not only shields the scope from dust, moisture, and minor impacts but also preserves its sleek appearance.

At the heart of the Swarovski Optik Stay-on Case is the brand's meticulous attention to detail. The case is crafted with premium materials that are not only durable but also gentle on the spotting scope's delicate surfaces. This ensures that your valuable optical instrument remains in pristine condition through the most demanding conditions.

The convenience of the Swarovski Optik Stay-on Case is evident in its practical design features. It boasts thoughtfully positioned openings that provide unobstructed access to the scope's essential controls, such as the focus ring and eyepiece adjustments. This means that you can continue to operate your spotting scope comfortably without the need to remove the case - ensuring a seamless and efficient experience during your outdoor expeditions, wildlife observation, or any other activity where your spotting scope is essential.

With a Swarovski Optik Spotting Scope Stay On Case, you're not only protecting your investment but elevating your entire outdoor observation experience. Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher, a nature enthusiast, or an avid target shooter, this case offers a harmonious blend of protection, style, and functionality.


Form-fitting rugged Cordura nylon exterior
Soft padded interior protects scope's exterior
Snap and zipper closure for quick access and ease of use
Secure skin-tight fit does not slip
Protects scope from bumps, scratches, moisture, dust


The Swarovski ATX Eyepiece Module Stay-on Case is manufactured to suit Swarovski's ATX spotting scope modules.

Whats In the Box?

The following items are included with the purchase of any Swarovski ATX Eyepiece Module Stay-on Case:

Swarovski ATX Eyepiece Module Stay-on Case - The Stay-on case itself, designed to protect the eyepiece module of your ATX Spotting Scope

User Manual - A comprehensive user manual or instruction booklet that provides guidance on how to install and use the Swarovski ATX Eyepiece Module Stay-on Case Case correctly.

Warranty Information - Swarovski often includes warranty information, outlining the terms and conditions of the warranty coverage for the product.


Swarovski guarantees for the entire range of branded products purchased from authorized Swarovski retailers, a global and full life-time warranty covering manufacturing and material defects under normal use beginning with the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident or maltreatment. All warranted defects will either be repaired pending feasibility and availability of replacement parts or replaced with either the same product or with a piece of equal value as determined by Swarovski. Swarovski however is lenient with these services.


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