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Swarovski  EL Field Pro 10x42 WB
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Swarovski Binoculars Swarovski
Swarovski EL Field Pro 10x42 WB Swarovski
EL Field Pro 10x42 WB
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IN STOCK NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH - Swarovski 10x42 EL Field Pro - 3m close focus model

The FieldPro package has enabled SWAROVSKI OPTIK to enhance the EL Family in terms of comfort and functionality.

Functionality is smartly integrated into the binoculars’ elegant design. This refined interaction between numerous brilliant details provides that all-important edge.

New strap connector and comfort carrying strap with a quick catch button:

The newly designed carrying strap with a 360-degree rotating connector is perfectly adaptable to any movement, enabling you to swap and remove the strap easily and almost without making a sound. The new, straightforward strap connector allows you to attach the cord to the binoculars using a bayonet connector (which you press and turn counterclockwise to open).
This new quick catch button on the carrying strap allows you to adjust the length of the strap to the ideal position in a quick, straightforward manner.

New Objective lens covers:

The objective lens covers are integrated into the
binoculars (clipped onto a steel ring integrated into the rubber armoring). This should prevent you from losing them and make them easier to handle (quick and
simple to open and close).

The binoculars are delivered with the objective lens
covers already fitted. To remove the covers, open
them and pull them down at 90° to the view direction
(using a tractive force of around 4 kg). Covers are
supplied for the steel rings.

Eyepiece covers:

The eyepiece covers are now softer and more flexible,
which means that a hinge is no longer required, and
they make less noise. Thanks to their softer edges
they will feel more comfortable when coming into
contact with the face.

Focusing wheel:

The softer and easier-to-grip focusing wheel
(fully armored) makes the binoculars easier to
operate, even when wearing gloves.

Revised Design:

Great importance was attached to a design concept based on integration, whereby the individual operating features and connections are integrated even more seamlessly into the whole concept from a functional and esthetic perspective. All the interfaces and operating features are now produced without exception in black.

Position of SWAROVSKI OPTIK emblem / logo:

The hawk emblem has been magnified slightly and its position moved upward. This should make it a more visible identifying feature when viewed from the front. The SWAROVSKI logotype is positioned at the side on the left binocular tube. This means
that when the products are presented in window displays, the brand name will also be more clearly identified when viewed from the side.


It goes without saying that the new EL Family also offers wide-angle eyepieces, 100% suitability for eyeglass wearers, and SWAROVISION technology, however,product names no longer include product features like W, B and SWAROVISION.

Proven optics with SWAROVISION technology:
SWAROVISION technology from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is synonymous with the ultimate in optical image quality. This technology offers outstanding features such as field flattener lenses, HD optics, high-quality coatings, and the perfect eye relief, which result in unique visual experiences and outstanding viewing comfort.

Large field of view for maximum observation:

With their wide-angle eyepieces, the binoculars in the EL Family offer a large field of view for maximum observation. This is achieved through the most efficient calculation by the optical system and the minimum production tolerances.

The position of the exit pupil (large eye relief) ensures that a 100% wide-angle field of view is also provided even when observing while wearing eyeglasses.

Diopter adjustment lock function:

The diopter adjustment (lifting the focusing wheel) is sometimes triggered accidentally by users. This means that the diopter setting for balancing the difference in visual acuity between the left and right eyes can be adjusted without noticing. The
new lock function prevents any adjustment occurring accidentally, with the diopter adjustment’s set position being fixed permanently.

Close-up focus:

Thanks to the mechanical precision, the shortest focusing distance of 1.5 m (EL 42) can be achieved without any loss of quality (EL 32: 1.9 m; EL 50: 2.8 m).

Dimensions and weight:

Due to the new strap connectors the EL binoculars´ footprints (width dimension) have changed fractionally. Otherwise, it is the same size as its predecessors, with minimal changes in terms of weight (8x32 is 595 grams).

Supplied with:
 Eyepiece and objective lens cover
 FBP field bag pro
 LCSP lift carrying strap pro
 Microfiber cloth
 Cover for steel rings (when detaching the objective lens cover)
 Operating instructions
Swarovski EL Field Pro 10x42 WB
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