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Zeiss  (USED) Victory 8x42 T* FL LT Green
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Zeiss Second Hand Zeiss
Zeiss (USED) Victory 8x42 T* FL LT Green Zeiss
(USED) Victory 8x42 T* FL LT Green
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8/10 - Pre-owned item offered in good overall condition with some light cosmetic signs of use. There is some light wear on the rubber armouring and given that the model is ten years old, has lost that new feel. Alignment is 100% perfect. All four exterior lenses are in good order with no scratches or signs of shoddy cleaning. Focusser nice and smooth. Bending bar tight and torqued to normal Zeiss standard. Eye cups twist up and down correctly.
Supplied with Zeiss pouch, rainguard, objective lens covers and Zeiss strap.

Images shown are of the actual model for sale.


In the newly designed optics system of the Victory FL's, special glass containing fluorite with non-standard sub-dispersion is used. With this type of glass, the secondary spectrum is minimised. Put simply, colour fringes are eliminated to such an extent that they are practically imperceptible to the observer in all light conditions. Faithful colour reproduction is brilliant. The new Victory models are the first FL binoculars – after the Zeiss Diascope FL spotting scopes.

Sharpness at the edges is also excellent, without any loss of brilliance towards the edge of the field of view. Due to special design measures, stray light has been largely avoided. Practical benefits include no troublesome reflections and no internal light scatter, thus yielding exceptional image brilliance. In the optical system, Abbe-König prisms are used for image reversing.

Together with the effective Zeiss T* multilayer finish, the new Victory binoculars achieve light transmission values that are considerably higher than 90%. The maximum light transparency is located in the spectral range usable to the eye. All these properties result in a recognition of detail that satisfies the highest standards, even in unfavourable light conditions.

Newly designed, five-lens, wide-angle eye pieces offer an exceptional field of view of 150 m on the 7x42 T* FL, 135m on the 8x42 T* FL and 110m on the 10x42 T* FL.

An eye relief of 16mm allows spectacle wearers to utilise the full field of view. The eyecups have a lockable rotating mechanism. They also feature notches when extended to 4mm, 8mm and 12mm, adaptable to different spectacle frames. The close focus distance setting range extends on all three new Victory models to just 2m. As such these binoculars become ideal for observing insects.

The optics of the new Victory FL binoculars are safely housed in fibre glass-reinforced polyamide (a brand new material)with a 60% fibre glass component. The ergonomically shaped housing is encased in a rugged, rubber cladding that permits safe handling even in wet and cold conditions and when wearing gloves.

The enclosed bridge, with steel centre shaft is extremely stable. Brass bushings ensure resistance to wear and tear and smooth action of the movable bridge linking the two halves of the binoculars.

The new Victory binoculars are water-tight and filled with nitrogen to exclude misting on the inner glass surfaces in the event of rapid temperature changes.

The large rubber gripped central focusser functions according to the "fast focusing" principle: only one revolution is required from near to infinity. As such, a changing object in the distance may be sharply focused quickly. This works just as comfortably and with equal speed when wearing gloves.

The diopter compensation of ± 4 dpt is integrated in the focusing control. The required diopter factor is set in a raised control position and pressed down to focus. A notch indicates the zero setting.
Zeiss (USED) Victory 8x42 T* FL LT Green
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23 March 2018