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Leica Telescope Bundles Leica
Leica APO Televid 82 Straight, 25-50xWW Zoom Leica
APO Televid 82 Straight, 25-50xWW Zoom

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The optical performance of the new Leica Televid spotting scopes is significantly increased in comparison to preceding models in the Leica Televid product line. The use of high-quality Leica lenses made of special fluoride glass gives an improved range of contrast and neutral colour to provide sharpness and brilliance right up to the edge of the image.

AquaDura coating:

The intricate high-performance lens is now incorporated into a compact, robust and fully rubber-armoured die-cast magnesium housing, providing the best possible protection. The Leica AquaDura coating technology used for the first time on the external glass surfaces of all new models means that any rain or condensation that falls on the external glass surfaces simply drip cleanly away from the lens. Moreover, it is easier to remove finger prints and dirt, so the spotting scopes can be used to the best possible effect even with bad weather.

Close Focus:

With their excellent close-up ranges - 3.2 meters for the Leica Televid 65 and 3.9 meters for the Leica Televid 82 - they are at the top of their class, allowing very detailed observation of tiny objects such as butterflies or insects.

Apo & HD models:

Each of the Leica Televid 82 and 65 spotting scopes is available in four versions. Each range includes an Apo and an HD model, each of which is available with an angled sight as well as a straight sight. The Apo models of the Leica Apo-Televid 82 and Leica Apo-Televid 65 with the redesigned apochromatic lenses make for an even better viewing experience, providing increased sharpness, greater contrast, and the most natural colour reproduction. Thanks to the use of special glass containing fluoride, the redesigned High Definition Lens (HD) on both spotting scopes - Leica Televid 82 HD and Leica Televid 65 HD - means that users can obtain images with no colour fringe and with excellent contrast from dawn to twilight.

Leica Vario 25-50x WW ASPH. wide angle eye piece:

The Leica quick-change bayonet with integral lock means that it is possible to use the extensive range of Leica wide-angle and zoom lenses on all Televid 82 and Televid 65 spotting scopes. With the full redesign, the focal length of the lens is now independent of the spotting scope used, so is identical for all spotting scopes. The Leica Vario 25-50x WW aspheric wide angle eye-piece is now part of the program. With its large, wide-angled range of vision it offers a unique viewing experience at any magnification setting. All Leica eyepieces are resistant to dust and water-pressure-tight to a depth of five meters. The ergonomic rubber elements and the rotating eye cup ensure total comfort while observing - even for eyeglass wearers. (Note: existing Televid 77 eye pieces are apparently not compatible with the 82 series).

Watertight nitrogen-filled housing:

The new generation Leica Televid spotting scopes have a nitrogen-filled housing, are watertight to a depth of five meters, and the full rubber armouring protects the spotting scopes from scratching and damage. All Televid models are guaranteed to function completely at temperatures between - 25 and + 55 Celsius.

Lens hood & Tripod heads:

Leica Televid spotting scopes are designed to be particularly ergonomic and user-friendly. The Leica dual focusing facility with rubber focusing wheels makes for accurate fine adjustment, so that even the tiniest details can be brought into focus. A silent telescoping lens hood with filter attachment thread and integral sight ensures low levels of stray light while viewing. With the Televid’s newly designed tripod foot it is easy to engage the spotting scopes either horizontally or vertically into the quick-change system on the Manfrotto tripod heads. However the well-known 4/3” attachment thread with locking device is also available for other quick-range plates. An ergonomic locking screw ensures that the tripod foot can rotate 360o on all models. This means that the spotting scope can be aligned to the best effect in any observation situation.

Leica Televid 82 and 65 supplied with Leica eyepiece:

The new Leica Televid spotting scopes will be supplied as a set with a Leica eye-piece. This means that the Leica Televid HD models can be obtained with the high-magnification Leica Vario 20-60 x eyepiece, and the Leica Apo-Televid HD models with the new wide angle Leica Vario 25-50x WW ASPH. eyepiece.
Leica APO Televid 82 Straight, 25-50xWW Zoom
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